Nova Ave Maria 2020 (Demarsimo, Anny Waysun). Healing music

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Nova Ave Maria 2020 (Demarsimo, Anny Waysun). Healing music
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Duration: 5:16Year: 2020
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This composition is dedication of the Divine Mother of the Universe — the creative power of the Absolute and the primordial Power of Eternity. This is a hymn to the Great Woman’s Principle, without which neither life and nor creations are possible. The mother of all created has an innumerable number of names and all the ancient religions revere the Mother of the World in this or that aspect of female deities, honor the Goddess on a par with the Gods. For example, in ancient Egypt — it is Isis, Hindus — Kali, Gnostics — Sofia, Dukkar in Tibet, Guanyin — in China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, Venus in Phoenicia, Bellus in Assyria, Anahita in Persia. Christians revere her in the face of Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the creative power and the Woman’s Beginning, in other words — the Mother. The composition allows the manifestation of this force in each listener.